Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blank or Hide Your Referral Traffic

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Security and Privacy at  1:52 AM

Another trick or information about your browsing privacy. My previous post, about Set Privacy and Access Blocked Website that you can access any blocked website by using IP Hiding tools or proxy such as VPN, Web Proxy and etc. Today tutorial is to hide your referral traffic or make it blank and give another kind of protection for your privacy.

Referral traffic is where you website come from before you found or visit another website. Fox example you are roaming around  in Facebook then you see a website url. If you click this link you will go to the website URL you clicked. The referral traffic for this example is Facebook and that is the content of this post, to make  it blank. Maybe this is not useful for a normal user or do not care about referral traffic, but this is useful for other webmaster who used a traffic exchange program for their website. If you are familiar with LINKCOLLIDER that I posted also on this blog. They use refnull to hide referral traffic coming from their website.

RefNull is a free tool which allows you to anonymize your links so easy and fast.

How to using REFNULL:

Just copy and paste this format below in the addressbar of your browser. And Change the for you own link.

Use BlankRef to reset and clear your referrals for website links.

How to using BLANKREF:

Visit and enter your own link in the box. Copy and paste the link generated in your browser.

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