Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Improve Online Network Relationships Dynamically with Chatwing Chat App

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The relationships you’ve built online are as important as the relationships you have in real life. Most people are now building their lives online. Most businesses and transactions are done online. These online contacts can provide you opportunities and new information you can’t easily acquire in the Web so better create and maintain a profitable connections with them.

How can you do this without spending much of your time on the Web? Install Chatwing chatbox to your website or blog and enjoy its features that facilitate real time global connectivity. Chatwing is easy to embed and use. You won’t experience any technical difficulty when using it because it’s designed to be user friendly. Chatwing works on a very simple yet stable platform that will not fail you when it comes to real time interactions.

Within just a few seconds, Chatwing can go functional. Guaranteed no complicated process and you have many options on how you are going to benefit from using this improved chat app.You will not just improve online relationships with Chatwing as your primary web communication tool, you will also expand your social media networks as well.

Every day, you can start discussing interesting topics with your website visitors and share useful tips to keep them returning to your site. Your Chatwing chat box can handle thousands of web surfers so you don’t have to worry for communication delays or technical problems. You can be also experience flexible communication leverage with Chatwing’s vanity URL form. This style lets you limit the number of participants in the chatroom or choose web users who will participate in the group chat, isn’t that cool?

You can update contacts often and respond to them in real time. Communication is an important element for a relationship to succeed. Also, a good strategy is to provide them with a chatapp that is trendy and free from profanities. You can easily achieve both through Chatwing’s full conversation control feature and high customization level. You can activate word filter option or ban users permanently. You can also upload relaxing music to set the mood of discussions.

Acquire more contacts by maximizing Chatwing chat app’s multiple log in system. This feature allows Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Gmail users to log in and participate in chat activities hassle free.You’ll never know who you are going to meet and become your reliable partner on important endeavors. Just enjoy communicating with your online contacts while Chatwing does the rest to make things possible.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

KEVZONE Responsive Blogger Templates

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Template Name: KEVZONE
Release Date: 05-09-2013
Desinger: Kevz Potazo

Here's another custom blogger template designed by me. A simple blue, gray and white color combination.

Costumizing Templates

Login to you blogger account --> Templates --> Edit Templates


Find (ctrl+F)
 <div id='botmenu'>  
. Below this line you will see the below code.  And change it your dopdown menu at your own.
 <div id='botmenu'>  
  <li><a href='/'>Home</a></li>  
  <li><a href='#'>Category</a>  
    <li><a href='/'>Computer</a></li>  
    <li><a href='/'>Internet</a></li>  
  <li><a href='#'>About</a></li>  
   <li><a href='#'>Contact</a></li>  


Find (ctrl+F)
  <div class='AuthorB'>  

To change the Author Image. Change this image url( at your own Image Url.

To change the Author Information. Replace the "PUT YOUR AUTHOR INFORMATION HERE!!!" 


Find (ctrl+F)   blogURL: ""  and you need to replace on your blog hompage url.



Hello fellas, If you encounter any problem about this template like syntax error in installation, please let me know by leaving a comment below to help you to fix this. Thank you!!!

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