Friday, December 14, 2012

Boost SEO Via LinkCollider

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Seo tools at  10:50 PM

These days there are many SEO services in the entire web. Also many of them are paid, you need to invest some bucks to boost  or to beautiful your weblog to all search engine appearances. Yeah, this is very very important to make your weblog popular in search engine, the thousand or million traffic in entire web is coming from search engines. And If you want to get a little or higher percentage traffic, then you need to boost your SEO first. Use a traffic exchange program or maybe a blackhat method to get a spot in Alexa rank or indexing in search engine page is not a bad way. Do you think a website that is popular now, that did not use any method to boost SEO. The question is Why are they popular now?.  I’m sure you know the answer.  Hehe

Here we are now, the website that I like to share for all of you.  This website offers a free SEO service with 1000 token bonus a day. You need tokens to provide SEO service you need. Below are program service offers.
            1.       Page Views – This is my post above, a traffic exchange program. If your weblog is new, then you need traffic to grab a spot in Alexa rankings. 
            2.       BackLink Maker – This is also important, to increase your Pagerank and authority rank. If your weblog link is spread in another webpage then your weblog has a chance to increase page rank.
            3.       Social Network Sharing – Part of SEO, you need to spread also your link in a social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and other. Because social network now, have a big community.  This is also the 2nd  traffic source.
            4.       Article Tool- Linkcollider also offers article tool called Word Swapper, you can use this to provide you a unique article coming from an old one.

That  is not a complete list, you grab if you join. Many tools are waiting for you. Grab the opportunity and boost your SEO now.



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