Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KEVZ JEANTECH Blogger Templates

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Template Name: Kevz JeanTech
Release Date: 04-23-2013
Desinger: Kevz Potazo
URL: www.kevztech.com

Hey guyz, I have something to share to all of you, my blogger costum template. This is a simple black and white blogger template with a social bookmarking button in the header, author box and related post widget in the post footer.

Costumizing Templates

Login to you blogger account --> Templates --> Edit Templates


Find (ctrl+F) "topmenu" without qoutes. Below this line you will see the below code. 

1:  <ul>  
2:     <li><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li>  
3:            <li><a href=''>Category<span class='arrow'>More Link</span></a>  
4:         <ul class='sublist'>  
5:          <li><a href='#'>Sub link</a></li>  
6:          <li><a href='#'>Sub link</a></li>  
7:          <li><a href='#'>Sub link<span class='arrow-right'>More Link</span></a>  
8:           <ul class='subsublist'>  
9:            <li><a href='#'>Sub Sub link</a></li>  
10:            <li><a href='#'>Sub Sub link</a></li>  
11:            <li><a href='#'>Sub Sub link</a></li>  
12:            </ul>  
13:            </li>  
14:                  </ul>  
15:          </li>  
16:              <li><a href=''>About</a></li>  
17:      <li><a href=''>Contact</a></li>  
18:     </ul>  


This is in the header section. Find(ctrl+f) "socialbutton". Below this line of code you will see the below code. Replace the link of all this code by your own social profile link, and if you want to change the tooltiptext change it by your own.

1:  <ul>  
2:  <li><a class='fb' href='http://facebook.com' title='Follow me on Facebook'/></li>  
3:  <li><a class='twitter' href='http://twitter.com' title='Follow me on Twitter'/></li>   
4:  <li><a class='gplus' href='http://plus.google.com' title='Follow me on Google Plus'/></li>  
5:  <li><a class='rss' href='http://feeds.feedburner.com' title='RSS'/></li>  
6:   <li><a class='pinterest' href='http://pinterest.com' title='Follow me on Pinterest'/></li>  
7:  </ul>  


 Find(ctrl+f) "http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xeKKWIn0Y58/UXYQF-1ux7I/AAAAAAAAAP8/Zgrrlxs6270/s1600/Author+IMG.jpg" without qoutes and replace your own picture.

If you have any problem about this template, just drop your comment below. I'm willing to help you.
Hopefully you like it, Suggestion and opinion about this templates are much welcome, to improve myself.


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