Friday, April 26, 2013

6 Blogger Template Generator Tools

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Graphics at  5:55 AM

Nowadays blogging is the most fun and lovely hobby in this cyber world,  either you blog about your personal life or about something you deeply interested in. Mostly blogger wants a unique blog design,  but the problem is knowledge in programming language such as Html, CSS and others.
Because not only a programmer or have a knowledge in programming interested to have own blog.
Some others want because to share their thoughts, knowledges and anything to a million, billion online daily in this cyber world. I have some collection of Blogger (blogspot) Template generator that you do not need any programming skills, you only need an open and wide imagination to design your very own blogger templates masterpiece. This collection is based on BLOGGER (blogspot) template generator tools, expect me that I don't mention others popular website designer application like adobe dreamweaver and etc...

The first generator tools I present to all of you is called ARTISTEER. A premium or a paid software tools to generate blogger templates and other CMS and website software such as Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress. It has two product packages or edition available in this product. The first one is Home & Academic Edition that is limited in other features like 70% of the Library of Textures, Glares, Gradients  and others, the price of this edition now is $49.95. And the second one is the Standard Edition, almost unlimited feature in this product, that you can fully use all Library of textures,  Glares Gradient and many others feature, the price of this product is $129.95. As I posted above this is not a free tool but you can enjoy designing from this tool, many built in features that I am sure you love it. For more details about this tools GOTO official website at

Trix Blogspot Template Generator An advance template generator. This is one of the best tool for me, with a user friendly interface that you can comfortably customize your desired design templates. You can start to design from a scratch or customize available templates according to your needs. Now TrixTG have a version 2 has much better interface than old version 1 and added features like multilevel menu, analyzing design, saving multiple templates, generating multiple template and etc.

3 PsycHo

Psycho free template generator by Aideen to help you create your ever-wished template in less than 10 minutes and no required Html and CSS knowledge.  Aideen announces that New PsycHo is about to come but no exact date when they are going to release their newly PSYCHO.

PIMP-MY-PROFILE is another best blogger template generator, with a good customizing option in your template that you can customize background, tables, text/heading, scrubbers and graphics.
The interface of this tool  has an individual tab for customizing some part of a template.

DOTEMPLATES is a free online web template generator that provides you a fully created template, that allows you to customize this template before downloading this. You can download this in blogger template format.

Firdmatic is the easiest and simple template generator tool. You can create and customize layouts by simply filling all the information needed in the template generator forms like header background color, border and etc. This is absolutely free and no hassle to create your templates just GOTO FIRDAMATIC and start your templates now!!!


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