Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Create Own Facebook Big Chat Smiley

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Facebook Tricks at  4:25 AM

Hello guys, I found interesting Facebook big smiley generator, that we can create our very own desire Facebook chat smiley. I’m sure all Facebook addicts here, love this. If in the past you used the premade big smiley, just like in my previous post because we don’t know how to do this already. This is our chance to amaze our Facebook friend for our very own and unique smiley.

What we need to do this?
     Simple steps provided below and they also have a guide in the Facebook smiley generator Website. No need to install or download anything, just ready your own smiley image my friend.


        2.       CLICK Choose File and CLICK Upload then wait for the code to generate.
        3.       Copy all code in the box and paste it in the Facebook chatbox.

        4.       Smile now and drop your comment.

Also if you want the stylish text, just like in the word TWEAKEVZ.



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