Friday, February 8, 2013

Add Chatbox to your Blogger Blog with Social Network Log In Method

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Blogger Tweak at  8:35 PM

Hello my visitor, I know you are here to know how to add a chatbox or the best chatbox with social network  log in method. We all know that there are many chatbox that we can use to our weblog but the problem is, the feature is too small and they have no social network log in method. When I first found this chatbox widget way back almost 1 month already, I am very amazed because of this feature of social network log in like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo then I said to myself that I post this in my blog soon. But I do not have time in the past so now I posted it. Having chatbox is important if you want to communicate to your visitor in real time.


1. GOTO then register for a new account.
2. If you are in the chatwing dashboard, click “CREATE CHATBOX” to customize your very own chatbox and create.

3. In the customizing page of chatwing, you can use a basic mode or if you want to customize it in advance mode, just click “SWITCH TO ADVANCE MODE”. I recommend the Advance Mode to feel the full customizing process. You can simply customize the Chatbox Color, Chatbox Font, Background Image, Audio, Other Styles, Log In Method, General  Options, Alias, Admin and Moderators Styles, Filters and Blacklist. Just customize your chatbox that ever you want.

4. If you finished your own chatbox, click “USE” in the top then you go to the “USE CHATBOX PAGE” click on the Embedded Options to embed this on your blogger blog or other web pages. In the Embedded Options Tab you can set the width and height of chatbox, just set this that fit into your blog and copy the code in the box.

Installing In Blogger Blog:

In installing this chatbox or embedding, you have two options. First in the sidebar of your blog that looks like a chatbox and the second is in the New Pages just like a Chatroom. It defends on you, where you want to display this.


Blogger Dashboard à Layout àAdd Gadget à  HTML/JAVASCRIPT à Copy Paste the code from chatwing and SAVE.
Visit you blog now!!!


Blogger Dashboard à Pages àNew Page àBlank Pageà Copy Paste the code from chatwing and SAVE.
Visit your Chatroom now!!!

Enjoy, Hopefully you like it. Thanks for reading.


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