Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tweak Your Website META TAG

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Seo tools at  6:00 AM

Another SEO related post. In my previous post, about tools to optimized your SEO by using the search engine Pinger and other website offers free SEO services. Do you know?, it is not only important to tweak your  search engine appearance. Yeah, that is right, even the meta tag of your weblog is important also. Meta Tag tells all search engines and a visitor what your weblog all about or let’s say, for example a physical appearance. Because if your meta tag in not good or maybe something is wrong then maybe the result is might be ignoring your weblog  of search engine or hard to index your weblog in the search engine page.  Just like if your things have a pleasant appearance then many users attract this thing and wanted to know what is the content. The below is example of meta tag if you don’t know this already.

Oh  before I forgot, I want you to try this SEO Doctor. This tool helps you determine the bad meta tag of your weblog and suggest you what is the solution. This is very helpful for a new blogger like me. Hehe. 
Enjoy and try to fix your meta tag now!!! 


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