Monday, December 10, 2012

2 Vb6 ActiveX Command Button

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Vb6 at  7:27 PM

Well this post is for vb6 coders only. This 2 active X or control is a button that have a design and you can customize it by its shape, unlike a default command button in vb6 package. I used this in my own program almost 1 year already when I started to learn programming and vb6 is my first programming language I learned. Vb6 is an old language and many vb6 coders upgraded now in era, but this language  it is still important, to create a little a program nor a system too.


This control  has  a three themes or a style, they are Media Player, Office 2007 and Vista Style button. Also you can set up the icon alignment you want, unlike in default command button and you can change the radius of a button or the round value. You can see the three themes sample screenshot below.


Download Link: STYLER BUTTON

LV Button:

The first command button has a good style or theme and this one is good for a shape. They are many shapes, like rectangle, left diagonal, right diagonal, full diagonal, circle and you can customize shape button by using an image or icon to set as its shape. You can see the shape button sample screenshot below.



Download Link: LV BUTTON


  1. Hello , how i could us it ? I just done downloading it but i dont know how to apply the button.

  2. Hey buddy, you need to register this activeX first, before you csn use it, by using the command regsvr32, just type on the run dialog box example regsvr32 C:/path/activeX.ocx
    change the path and filename where the activeX stored, if you have any problem, then feel freeto ask me again, thanks for visiting this blog.

  3. Plsss . Could you help me how to use your button ? I really need it . Help me plsss


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