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by Kevz Potazo  |  in Pc Tricks at  1:53 AM

         This post is to help you recover your hidden files caused by virus or accidentally hidden the attributes in the properties. I know you are here, because you encounter this problem, then I will assure you this works 100%, and you do not waste your time reading this post. I don't know if it is a trick or a good information to share.

         Before I start, the first thing you need to do is to know your drive letter of your Flash drive/HDD, by going to My Computer Window. This is simply and you don't need any screenshot to know that.

1. Ok, let's start. Open the CMD Window.
Go to START MENU -> RUN -> type CMD and hit ENTER
Or in the desktop. Hit the WINDOWS KEY + R ->  Type CMD and hit ENTER

2. In the CMD Windows, First you need to type is the drive letter of your Flash drive/HDD and hit ENTER. In my screenshot below, my drive letter is "U:".

SS: #1

3. After you type the drive letter and hit enter, you need to type the Command Code to unhide your files. Type "attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d" without quotes and hit enter also. Wait before you see the SS: #3 and you are done. Go to your Flash drive/HDD and see if it is working.
attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d

SS: #2

SS: #3

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