Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Automatic Hide Links in a Blogger Comment

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Blogger Tweak at  1:05 AM

Hello my fellow blogger, Today I have a little trick that I wanted to know you, this is to reduce your bounce rate of you blog.
Bounce rate is the percentage of your outbound traffic for your blog. As I know the number one source of a bounce rate in individual blog or site is came from commentbox.
We all know that some of a comments in our blog is  not real or meant to be a backlink only. Because this is the part of link building and to increase the PR and traffic of others blog.
About this problem, the simple solution is to hide all posted and future comment link from our blog.

This trick is accidentally and not meant to be, because when I was editing the comment content CSS property of this blog. It comes an idea about how to automatic hide the link of the comment
content and to do this we need to add a single line of code of  CSS for the comment content like "display: none" or "visibilty: hdden", we do not need any javascript or jquery to hide the link just a
single line of CSS. And no need to be familiar in the blogger template editing, this is easy to handle just follow procedure below.


This is tested in the not costum blogger templates or in the blogger templates ready in the dashboard like Travel templates. If this trick not working for your templates then contact me or drop
your comment below to help you in the proper code.


Login to your Blogger acount --> Templates --> Edit HTML

Before this code, add the below css code.

.comment-content a {
    display: none;

Then click Save Template button, That's it. You're done,
Again, if it is not work for your template, just contact me or drop your comment below.
Thank you.


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