Friday, November 9, 2012

Get FREE 100+ Facebook Likes in less than 60 Seconds

by Kevz Potazo  |  in Facebook Tricks at  4:46 AM

Anyone knows Facebook is the largest and #1 Social networking site in the world and Facebook like is important to the member of this community. So I made this post to increase your status/picture Facebook like. As the title says Get FREE 100+ Facebook Likes in less than 60 Seconds! 

1: First! You need to do is enable your subscribers on your Facebook Account. You can do that by clicking the link below but if your subscriber was enabled already, skip this step.

2: Goto then click where it says : Click here And Allow Permission To xPeria To Get Access Token. Then copy  the link of the successful webpage and paste it in the likelo homepage in the search box. See screenshot below for better understanding.

SS: #1

SS: #2

SS: #3

SS: #4

SS: #5

SS: #6

3. Wait a second to go back in SS: #5, and you're done...

4. Go to your Facebook status/picture, and see what's happening. And don't forget to drop your feedback here. Thanks for viewing this little information, and hope you like it.

         After you've got a Facebook likes, delete Xperia application by doing below procedure, otherwise you will also start liking others picture/status.

Facebook -> Account Settings-> Applications -> and delete the Xperia by clicking the x button.


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  2. wow nice blog thanks for sharing this tool

    1. Your welcome Mamta buddy, Thanks also for your comment...


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